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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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Kyheair is a sweet, polite, and respectful young lady who is liked by both peers and adults. She has a smile that goes from ear to ear. She can be a little on the quiet side. It helps to have someone to encourage her to warm up in social situations, at times. Ky is a resilient girl.

Ky has a talent for arts and crafts and enjoys drawing and coloring. She is gifted at making bracelets, and loves to sing and listen to music. Ky enjoys sports, on and off the court, as a basketball player as well as cheerleader. She likes nature and being outdoors, too. Ky also enjoys putting together puzzles and playing other games.

Ky recently began a work/study job in a kitchen which she really likes. Ky is a hard worker and completes all of her tasks in a timely manner. Ky has been very receptive to feedback and guidance in this role.

Ky’s most recent report card reflects very good grades. She is intelligent and loves to read. Ky’s friends and teachers enjoy her presence at school.

A one or two-parent family would be acceptable for Ky. The best family for Ky would be committed to accepting her and helping her to heal and grow. Ky may want to continue to have a relationship with her former guardian, her great aunt. Ky wants a loving and understanding family who will not abandon her if things get tough, and who will provide her with the support and attention she needs to be successful.