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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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Azzy is an all-around outgoing, adventurous youth with an aptitude for many things. He does well in most activities he tries, such as soccer, gymnastics, wrestling, karate, swim lessons and rock band. Azzy is open to trying new activities and flourishes when he can be active and engaged. He also loves music and to sing and dance. Azzy desires relationships and makes friends quickly. Overall, he is a happy and affectionate child.

Azzy loves video games and playing on electronics. He likes spicy foods; especially flaming hot Cheetos. Tacos and spaghetti are also on his list of favorite foods, and his favorite color is pink.

Azzy is sharp and astute. At school, he seems to most enjoy the subject of science. Azzy likes reptiles and is interested in dinosaurs. He is curious about nature and exploring. With supports to help him remain focused and on-task, Azzy is showing improvements while in school.

Azzy hopes to be adopted and part of an active family. A prospective adoptive family for Azzy should be loving, and able to provide structure and a high level of supervision. A family invested in learning about the effects of trauma, while incorporating that understanding into their parenting and helping Azzy to heal and grow, is going to be the best fit for him. Azzy hopes to remain in his current school. He has also expressed that he is interested in living in the country with two parents and no siblings, or older siblings. Azzy says that he would be willing to live in a city if a good fit was found in a family. He is allergic to cats and dogs but has lived in a home with pets while taking allergy medications to address symptoms. Azzy has biological relatives who would like to maintain supportive contact with him to whatever degree possible.

Photo credit: Stacy Francis Photography, 2016