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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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Ashley is a sweet teen who really cares about others. She is loving and helpful and makes it her mission to cheer others up when sad or in a bad mood. Ashley is also very outgoing and funny. She enjoys music and can't resist singing along when her favorite songs come on the radio. Ashley enjoys art and likes to dance. She is also content to curl up with a good book. Ashley is always up for a trip to the mall or movies with friends, and enjoys quality family time. Ashley likes to learn about God and looks forward to going to church.

Ashley is in the eighth grade. Ashley needs the support and care of a parent(s) who will encourage her to believe in her abilities and will spend one-on-one time helping her with her school work. Ashley looks forward to getting a job someday and experiencing more independence.

Ashley can spot when she is having a bad mood and is strong in identifying what coping skills work for her, and at using them when needed. Ashley works really well with her support team and is committed to making and reaching her goals. Ashley has enjoyed participating in teen empowerment activities through a group in her community.

Ashley wants to be adopted into a stable family and needs committed parents who will show her that they will not give up on her.

Ashley hopes to remain in Wisconsin to maintain her relationship with her biological sister. She prefers to be part of a family consisting of both a mother and father, and would be a great older sister to younger siblings. Ashley is a caring person who looks forward to being part of a dedicated, loving family who will give her the love, encouragement, and foundation she needs to really shine.

Photo Credit: Frenn Photography, 2016