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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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Josh is a laid-back, friendly, and upbeat kid. He possesses a natural curiosity and is willing to try new things. Josh enjoys interacting with adults and other youth, who he often looks up to. Josh is a positive, open, and sweet person. He is polite and thoughtful – always ready with a “please” or “thank you.” He is a compassionate, likeable young man who isn’t shy in sharing his huge smile. Josh rather simply describes himself as “awesome.”

Josh enjoys most activities. He’s a Pokemon expert, and states that his favorite game is Smash Up. He likes to spend time reading, drawing, constructing Lego sets, and doing craft projects. He enjoys staying active and healthy. Josh likes spending time outdoors, doing things such as riding his bike, swimming, and camping. Josh likes to be with people. He enjoys playing games, going out to eat, and talking with friends and family.

Josh says that he likes sports, particularly playing soccer and rooting for the Packers and Steelers. Josh dreams of one day being a pro wrestler, pro football player, and firefighter . . . simultaneously.

Josh is very bright and is performing well at school. Josh enjoys being able to demonstrate to others what he has learned in school. He currently does well in the classroom and in following through with his homework.

Josh has learned many ways to better respond in situations where he experiences difficult emotions. He has developed a strong ability to identify and talk about his feelings. Josh does best with a lot of structure, consistency, activity, and adult supervision. He likes to be engaged, and is very engaging, which helps him to be involved in positive, proactive activities, and to communicate his feelings and process them.

Josh is in need of a family who values together-time and wants to explore activities and ideas with him. Josh would do best with a parent or parents who can provide structure, love, commitment, supervision, and consistency. A family for Josh will need to be able to provide understanding and support based on his trauma history. He also needs to be the only or youngest child in a family. Josh really likes being in a rural setting and he loves animals. His dream would be to live on a small farm, but he is open to any setting where he is part of a family and feels included. Josh eagerly anticipates belonging in a family.

Photo Credit: Jess Haven, 2016