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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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Brandon (DOB: 11/01/2002) is a lively young guy who is fun to be with. He likes to joke around and have a good time. Others describe him as sweet and charming, as well. Brandon enjoys learning new things and he’s always up for trying an activity, at least once. He is a cooperative student, but at times struggles with learning. Brandon likes to create and repair with his hands. He is talented in woodworking and mechanics. He has fixed a lawnmower in the past, and he hopes to be a mechanic someday.

Brandon enjoys spending time outside, and likes being active. He loves swimming, fishing, and camping. He’s also into playing sports, particularly basketball, football, and soccer. Brandon takes pride in his appearance, even taking the time to make a Mohawk out of his short hair most days.

Brandon has an eagerness to learn ways to better manage his responses and reactions when negative emotions surface. He brings a lot of insight and ideas for how to best navigate himself. He is very motivated and has done a great job. His caregivers are very proud of him. Brandon is aware of what triggers him and has identified healthy ways to cope that sometimes includes listening to music, taking deep breaths, drawing, or counting to three in his head before acting on his feelings.

Michael (DOB:12/01/2003) is a people-person. He is polite, friendly, easy-going, and respectful toward peers and adults. His friends and other children view him as a positive role model. He likes to encourage others to do the right thing. Michael enjoys being helpful and is known for being open, honest, kind, and caring. Michael follows directions well and doesn’t need much prompting to initiate daily living tasks – he likes to keep his room clean and organized on his own, for example. Michael is driven to do well in school. He is an engaged and intelligent student. Michael is very creative and loves to be active, explaining why his favorite classes are art and gym. He is exceptionally fit among kids his age. He loves to play soccer and basketball. He also likes to get outside to play with his friends or go hiking. Swimming and riding his bike are also ways he likes to have fun and burn energy. Michael is also an avid video game player and likes to catch movies at the theater sometimes. Overall, Michael prefers activity with a group of friends over alone time.

Michael loves to be around animals, especially dogs. Another favorite activity of his is eating, and he can list several of his favorite foods – a few are spicy chicken, corn, and cucumbers.

Michael is a resilient young man who has made great strides in overcoming challenges. He does a really great job at managing his emotions. When he becomes frustrated, he is able to separate himself from a situation and process his feelings. In general, he values praise and encouragement of positive behavior. He is insightful and motivated.

Michael and Brandon are close siblings who hope to be adopted together. The boys would benefit from a calm, trusting, nurturing, consistent parental approach. A family life with structure and routine would be ideal for them to grow, explore, and flourish. They would be happy to have pets, and a parent or parents who like to participate in activities with them and help them to be involved in their interests.