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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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David is fun to be around and is a very caring child. Around the house, he enjoys cooking with the family, and he’s on top of getting household chores done. This active boy is in great health. Nothing can slow him down and he is active in many sports and hobbies outdoors. He likes playing baseball, riding a bicycle and scooter, and jumping on a trampoline. Talking about baseball and Marvel cartoons are other favorite activities of his. David enjoys working on arts and crafts. His go-to movies are Spiderman, Star Wars, and Minions.

David does well in school and is excelling in all of his classes. His favorite subject is math. David is conscientious about completing homework assignments and has good scores on tests. David is involved with the Boy Scouts and plays in the school’s baseball league.

A stable and nurturing family who is open to working with a team would be best for David.

Photo Credit: Frenn Photography, 2015