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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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Princess is a bright and enthusiastic girl. She has a variety of creative interests, such as painting her nails, reading, and art. She also likes baby dolls and stuffed animals, as well as real animals. Princess is described as very articulate and incredibly caring towards others and can be mature in her reasoning. She is fun to spend time with and does express love and caring towards others. Her passion and leadership skills come in handy for the various sports and activities that Princess enjoys, including cheerleading, gymnastics, football, and basketball. Princess believes that her interests and strengths may eventually lead to a job in the fashion industry or as a veterinarian. According to Princess, her strengths are reading, art, and gym. Princess is described as having a goofy sense of humor and a blunt sense of honesty. Princess would do best as the only child in the home because she thrives off positive attention and requires a family that can spend time helping her heal from her traumatic past. Princess would thrive in a two-parent household and with older siblings who could positively mentor her. Princess would like a family that loves her and is always there for her. In addition, a family that can take the time and help Princess boost her self-esteem. She would enjoy living with a family that values home-cooked meals, since she likes “good food.” Princess does not have close connections with any particular Wisconsin community, so placement with a family out of state is a possibility.