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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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Iasia possesses a gift to make people laugh with her ever-present comedy. With creative flair, her love for decorating has blossomed. Iasia dreams of becoming an interior designer. But that’s not where this girl’s talents end. Hair styling, dancing, singing, and fashion design are some other ways she likes to express herself. She is known for being a very caring, sweet person and, with her willingness to try new things or just go with the flow, Iasia’s personality shines through no matter what.

Iasia is typically a happy and outgoing young lady; however, during some rough moments, she has been known to struggle with expressing her emotions. Iasia has really grasped the tools offered to her and works very hard to express herself in positive ways. In school, reading skills have been a challenge for her, but Iasia has made some improvement already with extra learning supports. The majority of the time, Iasia is a happy, smiling, hopeful young girl. She’s always willing to lend a hand and is the first to help cheer up others who are feeling down.

A no-matter-what family would be a dream come true for Iasia, who has been longing for stability and love. Iasia’s family will need to be patient and supportive of her continuing to learn to manage her emotions and heal from past traumas. Iasia would love to get to work on decorating her new room and getting to know her family. She does have siblings and keeps in contact with them, so a family who resides in Wisconsin and is able to support and continue that family connection is preferred. A family outside of Wisconsin might be considered, if the family can show that contact between Iasia and her siblings can be consistently supported. Iasia’s sister Trinity is also waiting for an adoptive family. A family interested in adopting both sisters is ideal.

Iasia’s personality lights up the hearts of those around her. She is hopeful to be matched with her no-matter-what family in the near future.