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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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Thai is an endearing child who is yearning to be part of a family who will provide love, stability, and guidance to him. Thai is fun to be around and has a very sweet personality. He is quite the conversationalist and is rather engaging. Thai describes himself as helpful, intelligent, silly, and respectful. Thai does well in school and enjoys looking nice. He does not like to be bored and thrives when he has an element of physical activity in his day.

Thai enjoys animals immensely. A prior respite family of his had a hobby farm and caring for the animals provided Thai with a sense of satisfaction, helpfulness, and a way to expend energy in a positive way. His favorite television channel is Animal Planet and he can tell you a lot of exciting facts about animals. Thai learned to fish last year and he is proud to own two fishing poles of his own. He even went ice fishing once and really enjoyed it. Thai likes playing football. Thai says that he likes to color, play cards and board games, go for bicycle rides, do word searches, build with Legos, and read. Thai is excited to be learning to cook and takes pride in his accomplishments in the kitchen. Thai likes to engage in purposeful, helpful, and physical activities. He likes to be outside playing or assisting with chores. Thai’s favorite treat is frozen yogurt, while the food he most prefers to avoid is raw tomatoes. Thai loves Dairy Queen.

Thai is doing well with school. He is getting along well with peers, completing his homework as assigned and his interest in reading has increased. Thai responds well to earning rewards for positive behavior.

Thai needs adults in his life who have an understanding of early childhood trauma and can thoughtfully respond to his needs. He needs a family who can exercise patience as he learns to accept and process the love of a family. He is in need of a family who can provide stability for him at last. A calm, consistent, and structured environment would be best for Thai as he acclimates to family life. Thai’s treatment team feels that it would be best for him to be the youngest or only child. It is not a requirement for Thai to remain in Wisconsin, but he would like a family who will encourage his continued communication with his siblings. Thai hopes to become part of a family that has animals he can play with and care for. Thai looks forward to being part of a family who will nurture him, listen to him, and care about him forever.

Photo Credit: Stacy Francis Photography, 2015