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Makayla is a bright and lively girl with an infectious smile and a heart of gold. She has a fun, outgoing personality and great sense of humor. Makayla is very creative and loves to sing, dance, draw, color, paint, and make beaded jewelry. She has a great voice and is often listening to music. Makayla likes to be active. She enjoys soccer, softball, and basketball. Makayla is very loving and social, and it’s important to her to help others. Her foster mother says, “Makayla is one of the most giving people . . . she’s always willing to give to others.” This thoughtful young lady volunteers at the local homeless shelter, her church, and the nearby animal shelter. She also enjoys making gifts for others to brighten their day.

Makayla’s favorite holidays are her birthday and Christmas. She enjoys family time, getting presents, and, as she says, “celebrating Jesus’s birthday.” She likes dolphins and the Disney Channel, and hopes to visit Florida someday.

Makayla has an older brother who has been adopted. She loves him very much and it is important that they maintain their close relationship. She considers her cousins to be her siblings, as well. It is important that Makayla’s adoptive family encourages her connection to her brother, cousins, and aunt.

Makayla is very smart and likes to be the center of attention. Like many kids her age, Makayla has moments where she can easily get frustrated. Makayla can communicate her feelings well, and hopes that her adoptive family will be understanding. The path to success with Makayla includes a lifestyle of consistency, firm but calm parenting, and a focus on positive reinforcement. She has made much progress under the nurturing and structured care of her current foster parents. Makayla gets along with peers, as well as adults, at home and school. She is a hard worker who follows rules and takes pride in doing chores and helping.

Makayla is looking for a family to call her own that is fun, takes care of her, and loves her forever. She would love to have a canine family member, as well. Makayla hopes for a family involved in church activities like she is.

Makayla would do well with a Wisconsin family who can provide the structure and routine that she benefits from, as well as the fun and love that she’s looking for. Makayla likes to encourage herself and others with her favorite saying: “Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle happens.”

Photo Credit: Leslie Kleinhand-Blad, 2016