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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: Severe
Developmental Disability: None

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Justin is a young man with a smile that will light up your day. He loves the outdoors and is very open to trying new things. Justin loves riding dirt bikes, sports, and painting with water colors. He has a witty sense of humor and is very smart. Justin wants to be accepted and loved by those around him.

Justin is currently attending public high school. He enjoys math, reading, and physical education classes. A family wishing to adopt Justin would have to possess patience, guidance, and excellent communication skills to help him understand his new family and their expectations of him. A thoughtful family who can give him praise and encouragement would bring out the best in him.

Justin’s social worker says that it would be in his best interest to stay in Wisconsin due to ongoing contact with his half-brother and another important adult who has a supportive connection with Justin. The worker also recommends that Justin be placed in a single male household or in a two- parent household. He would do best with older siblings in the home or no siblings at all.

Photo Credit: Stacy Francis Photography, 2015