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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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Jayden is a happy and bouncy boy. He is described as a light-hearted child who enjoys. In fact, Jayden likes to read a new book each night before bed. His favorite book(s) to read are those with super hero themes or anything about Peppa Pig. Jayden enjoys listening to music, dancing, watching television, and playing on his tablet. He loves to make short movies on his tablet and he changes colors and people’s voices. Jayden thrives in a structured and consistent environment. Time of transitions are difficult for him, so he uses a keyboard and CD player to help him stay regulated. He loves to play prerecorded tunes on electric pianos and dance and jump around. Jayden likes to be outside and swim and play. He loves to joke around and receive one-on-one attention. Jayden dislikes abstract activities, such as puzzles. He also does not like to be around a lot of people, as this can be overwhelming for him. Jayden can be a picky eater. He will not eat meat, but likes some fruits and breakfast items. His favorite are pancakes and waffles. Jayden also enjoys foods that incorporate cheese and some type of bread or pasta. Cheese pizza and macaroni and cheese are both sure hits for this boy!

Jayden does well in the school setting with extra support, consistency, and structure. He is motivated by being allowed to play games on an iPad. Jayden will flourish in a no-matter-what family that can provide this structure and consistency. Jayden’s no-matter-what family must be trauma informed, patient, and able to provide one-on-one time and supervision due to Jayden’s needs. Jayden has no siblings, but does have a birth relative in his life. It would be vital for Jayden’s emotional wellbeing to maintain contact with this relative. Due to this fact, only Wisconsin families may be considered.