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Learning Disability: None
Physical Disability: None
Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
Developmental Disability: None

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Anthony is an optimistic young man. He is very resilient and looks for the positive in situations. Anthony is laid back, and good at respecting rules. He gets along well with adults and friends, and can have a conversation with anyone. Anthony is social and friendly.

Anthony loves to play sports, namely football and basketball. He regularly goes to the Boys and Girls Club where swimming is his favorite activity. Anthony can be found listening to music whenever he can. He likes playing sports, going out to eat, playing video games, watching TV, and spending time with family. He has strong bonds with extended family members and it’s important for him to maintain those relationships and remain in Wisconsin to keep regular contact. Anthony does well with male role models – a father figure would be important for him to have in life.

Anthony hopes that he meets his loving no-matter-what family soon.

Photo credit: Frenn Photography, 2017