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Learning Disability: None
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Emotional Disability: None
Behavioral Disability: None
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Emani is a vibrant, loving young girl with a curious mind and independent spirit. She is proud to do things herself and explores the world around her by asking lots of questions. Emani loves to learn and be involved in activities at school and at home. She is closely involved in everything she can be in family life, such as helping cook and getting the mail. Emani likes to have choices and feels confident in picking out her own clothes each day. She is proud to work and earn money when she has the opportunity to, and likes to buy things and take pride in her belongings.

Emani is active and can be described as a morning person. She usually wakes up naturally before her alarm. Her favorite activities are swimming, riding her bike, and being outside. She also enjoys going out to eat, baking, shopping, going on outings and errands, and having guests over. Emani loves music, singing, and dancing and has talent in this area. She loves school. Emani likes to show off her personality in glittery clothes and hair accessories, and she likes having her nails painted. For special occasions, she is excited to get dressed up in fancy dresses and shoes.

Emani wants to be adopted, and the best fit for her would be a family and home with few children, preferably older than Emani. A nurturing family with a calm home environment would support Emani’s growth and healing. A parent(s) who can manage to avoid power struggles and who enjoys engaging in activities with Emani, such as swimming, shopping, and going to the library, would be a good fit for her.

Emani is a great girl in need of a no-matter-what family that will engage her in activities and be aware of how her past trauma impacts her, in order to best support her growth and see her through to her fullest potential.

Photo credit: Bee in the Moment Photography 2016